Could access to a toilet be a health indicator?

– One gram of poop contains 50 diseases, 1 million bacteria, 1000 parasites, 100 worm eggs and 10 million viruses.

– 4000 children die every day from diahorrea.

-10-25 % of related budgets are put towards toilet sanitation, 75-90 % on clean water, but clean water doesn’t help when it’s contiously contaminated by poor sanitation.

– No toilet in school –> girl won’t go while on her period –> less education –> fewer chances of improving her situation (The best you can do is to educate and empower women. And give them a toilet.)

– Lack of sanitation + stunned growth = true. Diahorrea can cause nutriens to go right through anyone (this applies mainyl to well-nourished children in well-fed families).

-Sanitation can be lined to and affects education, work/labor, economy, maternal and infant mortality and health because if affects so many areas it has become a “political football” which isn’t given enough attention. There isn’t much connection between people working in sanitation either.


*For more on this (I’ve only taken parts of it), visit and


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